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Numerology Course

This course is designed to help you get answers to why you are the way you are, your life purpose, and to shine light on parts of your personality that you were born to share with others.  AND... you can use all the techniques you learn and find out the same for others in your life.

In this course, you'll learn your:
  • Life path Number
  • Personality Number
  • Destiny Number
  • Maturity Number
  • Current Name Number 
  • Birthdate Number
  • AND... the Karmic Lessons and Karmic Debt Numbers 

"This course was so fun! My numerology numbers were SPOT ON with my personality and life trajectory. I loved learned more about myself and piecing the puzzle together as I moved through each module. Heather is a kind, energetic, and easy to learn from guide and teacher. I really appreciated her breaking down each module and using herself as an example. The Tarot Bonus as the end was the best surprise! A card reading within a numerology course - genius!"- Rachele