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Harness Your Spiritual Gifts: 9 Week Course

Discover how to open up to your innate psychic and mediumship abilities! In this 9 week Spiritual Intensive Course, we'll go over all things spiritual so you can finally open up to your gifts! No more looking up generic tips on internet.   This course could help you see how Spirit connects with your amazing unique self!   This isn't a one size fits all class.The truth is, we may connect in different ways. That's why I'm going to show you different ways you can connect. Including how to: Connect psychically, and intuitively. See Auras Communicate with Animals  Remote View Communicate with Higher Realms Connect with and without a Divination Tool How to communicate with those passed on  and MUCH MORE! SECRET:  EVERYONE has these abilities.  Some people are just more natural at some than others.  They're not really GIFTS after all. They're skills!And I'll help you see which mad spiritual skills you're naturally good at.    Don't miss this incredible course.  If you're feeling the nudge from Spirit, It's time to answer the call.  This is PERFECT for you if:    You are curious to learn about any spiritual skills you may have. You've had spiritual experiences but not sure what they mean. You're wanting to connected to passed loved ones (your own or others) You're wanting to move past fear of the spiritual world, and open up to your innate abilities once and for ALL! The insight in this course isn't like other courses you've taken on spiritual development.  We'll cover everything you need to know to connect safely, accurately, and clearly. You'll also learn how to live a Spiritually Infused Life which means....... You don't ever have to doubt if you're on the right path again!In this course, you'll be given all the tools you need, and the community you need to open up to your spiritual gifts. No one will be left behind!

$555.00 USD